Rwamagana, April, 7th, 2013.


(Twibuke Genoside yakorewe Abatutsi Duharanira Kwigira)

Dear Fellow Rwandans; I would like to thank all of you in your respective dignities; Rwamagana Residents, guests from different sides of the Country and beyond, that have joined us to Commemorate this day.

As the theme says, Striving for self-reliance-It is so important to know why we are gathered here, we are here to remember our relatives,brothers,and sisters that were killed during the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi for the Nineteenth time.

Remembering is a Must and an Obligation-In remembering, we must also forgive –it is a duty to forgive those who sincerely seek to be forgiven. We must remember our beloved ones because that which caused us pain in our hearts is bad politics-Bad politicians and bad leaders that killed innocent Million people and more.

I should however say that bad politics was not just internal; the bad politics which led to the loss of One million people, loss of values and Culture is not just Rwandan. The Convergence of bad National politics with bad International Politics resulted to what we Commemorate today, being the tragic situation of 1994.

Fellow Rwandans-We have the power now to change bad politics of our Country and that is where we should concentrate our combined efforts and minds for what happened not happen again, hence Value.

Let’s honor our people and bow in Prayer for them as we remember the pain and grief, we should stand strong with the same spirit and confidence to support each other to rely on any one else but our nation. That is what is Called Self –Reliance that brings more value to us.

We should convert our grief into Strength and determination to build a better future that we deserve by making it a culture, that’s when we have value.

In our grief and tears, let’s be happy,Laugh,support each other in all ways, help the young and old Genocide Survivors in terms of moral building, this will bring strength and pride of who we are. This is important and Adds Value to our resolve. And we should remain at the frontline to build and shape the future of this Nation.

Memories are our strengths when the Night comes, so we must light the key Moments of our lives as we light torches to avoid dependency and begging, this will bring to us the right Answers and solutions to our challenges hence self-reliance and Value-added.

Dear colleagues, Remembering is not for one week, Month, or a Year, It should always be in your hearts, so let’s join hands in getting involved in the commemoration activities up to 100 Days, ensure moral support, care and maintain the spirit of not relying on any one but work hard to combine efforts in building a better nation with all what we needs.

Thank you for your attention and God bless you All!


 Posted on April 8th 2013