To initiate programs to develop, rehabilitate and maintain an efficient and integrated national transport infrastructure network, including roads, bridges, airports, railways, and water transportation which will contribute towards economic development and regional integration;


To initiate, develop and maintain sustainable power generation facilities to supply clean, cost-effective and uninterrupted energy for the country and the region;


To initiate, develop and facilitate urban development programs with a view to providing affordable shelter with due regard to adequate water and sanitation facilities for the population and promote grouped settlement (Imidugudu);


 To initiate programs aimed at increasing access to affordable energy, water and sanitation, and transport infrastructure and related services for the population;


To ensure that the development of policies and strategies concerning national infrastructure are in line with regional integration and harmonization policies with the EAC;


To supervise the implementation of quality standards and norms, cost effectiveness, response to environmental sustainability, safety and cross-cutting issues in infrastructure development;


To supervise activities meant to elaborate, monitor and assess the implementation of national policies and programs on matters relating to habitat and urbanism, transport, energy, water and sanitation;


To support and supervise infrastructure development programs under the decentralized structures under the respective sub-sectors as per the District Development Programs in each district;


To orient and supervise the functioning and management of public institutions, agencies and companies under the Ministry of Infrastructure including existing agencies such as Road Maintenance Fund (RMF), Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA), Rwanda Energy Group (Energy Development Company Ltd and Energy Utility Company Ltd), Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd, Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA), RwandAir  and other agencies to be formed under its sub-sectors;


To facilitate, promote and engage the private sector to invest in infrastructure;