National Urban Planning and Infrastructure Geo-Database and Portal

The MININFRA in partnership with ESRI-Rwanda has established a Geo-Database with the objective to integrate all spatial data available in the Ministry and its agencies in one database accessible through a data platform, with capacity for further expansion. The data is made available and manageable for further use in planning and decision-making among government technicians, for information among government officials, and for the private sector and the general public.

The portal will help avoiding duplication of efforts, inconsistencies and delays in data sharing, and will ensure that the most reliable and accurate data will be accessed. The data available on the portal focuses relates to housing, urbanization and rural settlement, water and sanitation, energy, transport, policies and legal framework, among other. All data can be accessed in different format including text, maps, SHP, CSV, GPEG, KML, PDF, etc.

Data is made available depending on the role of the user. The services and gallery features of the portal determine accessibility including data format. The search engine provides access to the public portal content. You may access the publicly available geodata here.

Link and Services
By exploring the portal one can search, create, and publish GIS data, maps, applications and services. Registered users can, once they are logged in and according to their profile, view manage and download a larger amount of data, upload data and create their own maps and applications and do some analysis. The portal can be accessed through the link below: